Free real estate has become a hot topic, and in Japan, it is an era in which the existence of buyers‘ agents who support real estate transactions among individuals becomes important.

Our mission is to solve the problems of free real estate, migration and vacant homes.

Therefore, from fiscal 2020, we will utilize our know-how of online real estate consultation up to the previous generation and work on an information sharing business against these problems.

We will distribute information on local areas to everyone in Tokyo and activities in Tokyo to local people. So we kindly ask for your support and cooperation.

Japan Buyers Agents Consortium NPO
(Also known as “不動産相談.com.” It means “real estate consultation” in English.)

3rd Chairman Chiyoko Kusagiyanagi

Our history

January 8th, 2002
At the time when the law concerning housing was not developed and information was not disclosed, with the aim of realizing a society where people can buy their homes with peace of mind, Naoyoshi Shimada (homebuilder) had established our organization with 48 volunteers.

April 24th, 2009
Hiroyuki Isobe (real estate appraiser), who had run an online community since Japan’s Internet Genesis, had taken over as the second chairman of the company to strengthen online real estate consultations and e-mail newsletters.

January 1st, 2019
At the turning point of the 10th year of succession, all officers retired, aiming to be a sustainable organization for the future, and re-inherited to Chiyoko Kusagiyanagi (traveling activist) who was in charge of the operation of the secretariat and utilize the funds thus far. Prepare for the new organization.

Enrollment guidance

We would like to interact online and carry out what is necessary for the future.
We sincerely welcome all members not only in Japan but also all over the world.

Initiation fee
・Regular member: 5,000 yen
・Individual supporting member: 5,000 yen (single unit of donation)
・Corporate supporting members: 50,000 yen (single unit of donation)

Annual fee
・Regular member: 12,000 yen
・Individual support member: 12,000 yen (single unit of donation)
・Corporate supporting members: 120,000 yen (single unit of donation)


Please contact us from the following. Chiyoko will be in charge.